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October 22nd, 2022 will be a part of my memory for the rest of my life. I have spent the last decade dreaming of conjuring up a Halloween party like no other and with enough support, heart, soul, blood, and magic - it happened. It happened better than I could have ever dreamed of. For you all, I am forever grateful. I am HONORED to have hosted you for a night of pure mischief. I am thrilled to have immersed you into my world, my vision, of this wondrous holiday... Halloween.

An incredible thank you to Mason, Anna, Michelle, Luis, Darren, Luke, Amber, Joni, Sam, Ben, Ryan, Cobern and everyone else who helped make this elegant nightmare a reality.

A curated playlist and special Trick 'r Treat Ghoul Log, 
from your host, Johnny Love.


Right click, or hover and click download.

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Click play while you view! It's all about the vibe, as you remember.

Ever since I could understand what a holiday was, I knew that Halloween was sure to always be one of my favorites. It was when I discovered the magic behind movie making, fueled by my favorites such as Hocus Pocus, Halloween and The Haunted Mansion, that I knew I too could create something truly magical that would transport people into a different realm and escape reality for one night (month). Every year my Halloween display would continue to grow and attract people from afar and I myself would also continue to grow in what I was capable of creating.

From spinning webs out of hot glue guns and carving tombstones from foam to concocting elaborate cocktails and displaying them in vintage glassware it was evident I needed to showcase my vision of Halloween to the world. My home display, known as Love Manor, caught the attention of Nate Berkus, Martha Stewart, The Home Depot.

My joy of Halloween will always continue to grow and evolve. I hope to continue hosting unforgettable parties and production designing more Halloween themed commercials, tv shows and films. As Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said "...where there is no imagination, there is no horror."

Happy Halloween.

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