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Escape to Tulum

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Tulum is one of those places that's on many peoples travel lists - and for good reason. It's one of those places where your vacation will come to life day by day as you discover new things. From incredible restaurants serving the largest fresh lobster I have ever seen to. miles of powdery white beaches framing warm tropical water.

I've been fortunate enough to escape to this magical place three times - each trip creating its own special memories and making me wanting more.

The warmth of the sun through the palms.
The beaches of Tulum are captivating.
The beaches of Tulum are captivating.
Lounging under the palms.
Lounging under the palms.
A nearby hut on the beach.
Outside our hotel room lead us right into the pool.

One of my favorite spots to visit for some of the best cocktails is BeTulum's front bar - Ocumar. 4 stools adorning a concrete bar full of some of the best liqueurs and garnishes creates the perfect setting for conversations and story telling. I've always had tremendous service there and love learning about the area from the bartender. Definitely be sure to pay them a visit while bike riding down the strand and then go back for pre-dinner drinks.

The biggest advice I can give you, especially if you love food like me, book a reservation at Hartwood a month or more before your visit - Yup, the book up that fast! The service is fantastic, the vibe right out of Indiana Jones and the food... incredible and always evolving. Cash only so make sure you come prepared as ATM's usually dont work around the area. Worse case they'll let you PayPal!

Illuminated by lanterns under a palm tree canopy.
The biggest lobster I have ever seen.
The menu is written on chalkboard and brought to your table to review.

Also be sure to add BeTulum's beach restaurant on your list for some of the best tacos I have ever had. I love to visit it around lunch time and hop in the pool for a drink after. Great atmosphere and great place to watch people stroll by.

You'll find yourself wandering from boutique hotel to boutique hotel as most of them flow organically through each other which is something that I think makes Tulum very special. It allows you to get lost and discover new things. Each step you takes puts a photo op worth a thousand bucks right in front of you.

Grab some scooters and go explore.

Another one of my favorite places to stay is Nomade. I stayed in one of their jungle tents and will never forget how special they made me feel. I had a late flight in and after the hour or so shuttle ride from the airport was pretty tired but as soon as I arrived in the heart of Tulum I had my second wind. When arriving to Nomade I was given a tour through the property on the way to my tent. Every pathway was illuminated with lanterns and candles and the smell of palo Santo wood drifted through the palms. I felt like Indiana Jones.

Nomad also has some incredible places to unwind, grab a drink and feast on some incredible food. In their main area, you'll find a sunken living room vibe with. sofas, lounge furniture, beautiful decor, lanterns strong from every eave in the roof and a some incredible music. Out on their beach is their beautiful pool which overlooks the ocean. Perfect spot for a beer.

One of my favorite memories of visiting Nomad though was strolling down the beach from our hotel one visit which was about a mile up the beach. The sun was just setting and torch lights began to line the shore. Music was echoing through the palms and drifting in the air as we made our walk down the beach. We came across the beach fire pit at Nomad and were instantly in a moment of zen. We then made our way to their beach restaurant, Mocondo, and sat Indian style at a large reclaimed wood dining table on the sand. The food is absolutely incredible, you can't go wrong with anything. We had a large steak the size of a platter, drank a ton iff incredible red wine and dabbled in a ton of other deliciousness. I'd go back in a heartbeat. After your dinner make your way back to the road and walk next-door for another, one of many, visit to BeTulum's bar, Ocumar -Where you'll have already made friends with the bartender and they'll greet you by name.

Anywhere you stay will be able to give you some incredible advice on what to do when you're not drinking, eating or lounging on the beach or jumping in the pool. Tulum offers some amazing adventures to the cenotes which make it famous as well as the breathtaking ruins.

A few videos I took on my first visit below!

There are also some very cool shops throughout Tulum where you'll find a great balance of home decor, jewelry and clothes. Definitely spend a day strolling around and checking it out. Below are a few photos that caught my eye among many while browsing around.

Also you'll notice a lot of really cool design throughout the buildings which really makes Tulum unique. A very cool hotel which I am. definitely going to stay at on my next visit is Azulik, check them out. I'll be in photo taking heaven when I visit them, I definitely know that.

On my last visit, we also had a great chance to go up to Playa Del Carmen which I was very unfamiliar with. We went up for our friend Molly's wedding and had one hell of a time. Great nightlife, fun people and some great eats. Man I do love food. We stayed in a condo right in the heart of everything and about 100 feet from the beach. Some of my favorite spots for food and drinks would be Piola for drinks, live music and great atmosphere and some place that has $2 or so food, great atmosphere, super quick food and awesome drinks, I forget the name but you'll find it, haha. There was a circular logo with red or orange lights. Also the shopping can be pretty fun if you know where you're going.

And a bunch more great memories!

So be sure to add Tulum onto your list of incredible getaways. I will never forget every moment spent there.





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