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Cocktail Time with Espolon

Well it didn't take long into quarantine 2020 for me to start spending hours making cocktails and photographing them. I was inspired to take this photograph after being outside and getting the citrus trees going with some incredible lemons and oranges. Then after seeing Espolon's beautiful bottle on the shelf in the grocery store, I was motivated - Also the morning light coming through the windows in the living room inspired me as well to start using my new Sony a7sii a little bit more than I should.

The cocktail is pretty straight forward. Freshly squeeze some lemons and oranges and muddle together with fresh mint and a few sugar cubes to taste. Then mix together with some Espolon Tequila and pour rover ice in a preferably chilled glass.


  • Espolon Tequila (Blanco)

  • Fresh lemons

  • Fresh oranges

  • Mint leaves

  • Sage leaf (garnish)

  • Sugar cubes

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Johnny Love

Filmmaker, Designer, Adventurer

Seeing a story come together through all aspects of filmmaking is something both magical and extremely satisfying. Coming from a heavy art department and design background my goal is to continue to create projects that are captivating, inspiring and visionary works of art.


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